Friday, August 31, 2012

Fang Wong Introduces Mitt Romney at Convention

Fang Wong welcomes Mitt Romney. Photos by Doug Malin
Outgoing National Commander Fang Wong of New York got to introduce Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to the 94th American Legion Convention in Indianapolis Aug. 29.

Then, following Romney's 20-minute talk in which he pledged to make sure both veterans and the military are taken care of under his watch, Wong introduced him to Legion leaders around the stage.
Romney took a break from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., to address delegates, and  received a standing ovation.

Fang Wong introduces Mitt Romney to Legion leaders.
“The first job of government is to keep the American people safe – and as president, that will be my commitment to the American people,” Romney told the packed hall in the Indianapolis Convention Center. 

“But our security and prosperity are connected. Our military strength depends on our economic strength. The well-being of our veterans depends on our ability to make sure they can find good jobs when they come home. And our ability to field the strongest fighting force in the world depends on leaders in Washington who know how to set priorities, write real budgets, and protect our soldiers and their families from devastating cuts."

Past NY Dept Commander Bob Morrill greets Mitt Romney.