Thursday, July 26, 2012

Legion Unveils Tribute to Fallen Heroes

National Commander Fang Wong Thanks Famed NY Artist for Sculpture

Nat'l Commander Fang Wong and Sculptor Greg Wyatt
 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A work by famed New York sculptor Greg Wyatt was unveiled in a July 25th ceremony at The American Legion’s Washington, D.C., office. 

The 7-foot tall cast bronze statue, "Angel and the Dying Unknown", was created as a tribute to the sacrifices of America’s fallen warriors. The sculpture depicts a guardian angel cradling a dying unknown soldier.

National Commander Wong and Artist Wyatt unveil sculpture.
The unveiling was officiated by the artist and American Legion National Commander Fang Wong who said, in part, "I feel humbled not just by the fame and skill of the artist, but by his subject. I think this beautiful work pays tribute not only to the unknowns who have sacrificed anonymously in battle, but to all of those whose names are known, whether their souls were lifted from a battlefield, or from a bed decades after their war."

Wyatt then thanked Wong for his "moving words" and told those attending the ceremony of the sculpture’s history and role as one of four such tributes to service he had created.

Photos by DOUG MALIN, NY Dept photographer
Wyatt’s sculpture is to be displayed in the D.C. office lobby for the summer. 

The Legion is working to establish a permanent place for the sculpture at Dover Air Force Base, the home of the U.S. Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center, and the homecoming station for the men and women lost in service in Europe and Southwest Asia.
-- The American Legion